About Matt Pacholka

Personal Reflections

“Wanderweg” - the German term for a walking trail or path. I have always loved being in nature, exploring new destinations and seeing the beauty that God has created for us. It was in 2012 during my honeymoon where I was able to explore some of these wanderwegs for the first time in Switzerland and France and I fell in love with these beautiful mountain paths. The endless landscapes, the mountains rising up from the valleys below to be met by the blue skies, all serve to remind us how we fit in the world and how much beauty is around us when we take the time to explore it. My photography collection spans many countries and locations, but at the heart of them are these trails that can be challenging at times but lead to some of the most beautiful overlooks and locations you can find. I hope that you enjoy!

My name is Matthew Pacholka and I was born in California, raised by a loving mother and a father who was an accountant by trade but is a photographer at heart. I grew up seeing my fathers photography in magazines and later online. Perhaps this was the beginning for me, fostering my love of photography from a young age. It wasn’t until I was older that I really began to be more passionate about photography, and started to spend more time behind a lens. I love to take pictures predominately of nature, mountains and streams are by far my favorite spots. I enjoy traveling with my lovely wife and our beautiful son, and I can not wait to show him some of these places when life returns to normal and the world opens back up. When I am not at my day job I love to play hockey and be outdoors as much as possible.